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Pago de Vallegarcia Viognier

Region:La Mancha
Producer:Pago de Vallegarcia (click on the name for more details)
Winemaker:Ignacio de Miguel Poch/ Adolfo Hornos Prados.
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Tasting Notes / Comments:Straw coloured appearance with attractive golden touches. Very clean, bright and clear.
Aroma: It is showing extremely elegant aromatic nuances, pure and rich in complexity. Prominent floral hints (roses), white stone fruits (peaches, apricots), pineapple, nuts (walnuts), lychee, honey and lightly toasted wood flavours.
Mouth: In the mouth it is open, full flavoured, velvety, with good acidity, balance and well structured. Elegant and persistent finish.
Pago de Vallegarcia (2002 vintage)