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Jefferson Viognier

Producer:Jefferson Vineyards (click on the name for more details)
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Tasting Notes / Comments:This Viogner, which is barrel-fermented in 100% French oak, reveals a muted nose of cream soda, kiwi, and substantial amounts of oak and sweet vanillan. The palate offers flavors of dried apricot and mango A tropical creamsicle in the bottle.
Virginia Wine Guide (2001 vintage)

100% barrel fermented in French oak. Viognier possesses some of the most brilliant aromas of any grape varietal, and this wine is a worthy example of this fact. Fresh flowers dominate the nose, backed by rich fruit aromas. The palate, as long as it is rich, suggests peach and pear, as well as a hint of apricot. Viognier grows extremely well in Virginia, adapting easily to the native humidity, as this wine attests. We recommend opening this wine an hour before drinking to allow the nose to develop fully. Serve with pasta and light meat dishes.
Jefferson Vineyards (2001 vintage)