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King Family Vineyard Loreley Late Harvest Viognier
Producer:King Family Vineyards (click on the name for more details)
Winemaker:Michael Shaps
Type:Late Harvest
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Tasting Notes / Comments: This sweet opulent dessert wine is made by the process know as cryoextraction. The grapes were picked and immediately frozen, then brought back to the winery to be pressed. The freezing and pressing of the solid grapes concentrates the sugars providing juice with over 40% sugar. The wine was fermented in new French oak barrels, resulting in 14% alcohol and residual sugar. The aromas are filled with candied fruit notes of apricots and pears. The palate is rich and dense with a lingering finish. This is a wine that can be enjoyed now but will continue to improve until 2010.
King Family Vineyards (2001 vintage)