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Rosenblum Cellars Viognier Late Harvest Ripkin Ranch

Region:California - Sierra Foothills
Producer:Rosenblum Cellars (click on the name for more details)
Winemaker: Click here for winemakers notes
Type:Late Harvest
Awards:2000 Vintage: 2001 San Francisco Fair International Wine Competition Gold
2000 Vintage: 2001 San Francisco Wine Competition Gold
2000 Vintage: 2002 Grand Harvest Awards Silver
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Tasting Notes / Comments:The Ripkin Vineyard and mother nature allowed us the proper hang time, a touch of Botrytis Cineria ( noble rot) and perfect concentration of flavors. This combination has produced a wine that is lavish and powerful, but also incredibly elegant and refined. Beautiful aromas of apricots and peaches are laced in silky vanilla and cinnamon. The palate is full bodied with layers of honeyed apricots, peaches, tropical fruit and vanilla beans. The perfect accompaniment to cheesecakes, fresh fruits or as a dessert itself.

Rosenblum Cellars (2000 vintage)