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Willamette Valley Viognier
Producer:Cristom Vineyards (click on the name for more details)
Winemaker:Steve Doerner
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Tasting Notes / Comments:A lovely floral nose of pale rose pedals, mandarin oranges and citrus. Floral nuances, reappear on the palate with impressive richness-giving hints of red berries, fresh ripe peach and spring flowers. Nice long finish. One of the very few Viogniers made in Oregon and happily, a very good one.
Virginia Wine Guide (2001 vintage)

I often associate the aromas of Viognier as much with floral descriptors as with fruit descriptors and this 2000 vintage is no exception. This Viognier exhibits classic Condrieu like exotic aromas of orange blossoms, honey suckle, clover, and anise as well as some peach and apricot. The flavors are full bodied and rich with lots of oily texture. Although the alcohol is fairly high as with past vintages, the wine appears perfectly balanced on the palate. This wine displays great length as well which is one of the factors that makes me believe this may be the best Viognier we’ve made yet.
Cristom Vineyards (2000 vintage)