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Condrieu, Vin Doux
Producer:Domaine Georges Vernay (click on the name for more details)
Winemaker:Georges Vernay
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1992 T&W Wines 75cl 28.90 Bottle Order Online
Tasting Notes / Comments:Although Georges Vernay undoubtedly produces great Condrieu in the classic style, the wine which impressed us most was his Vin Doux. The wine that Georges Vernay first produced, as made by his father before him, was a sweet version. However, with modern tastes veering to dry wines, demi sec fell from favour over the years.
This is the first vintage of recent years to be produced in a sweet style and only 2000 bottles were made. Vernay's Vin Doux has the gorgeous apricot and peach aromas and flavours of great Condrieu with a subtle sweetness and lovely balance of acidity. A very original and delicious dessert wine.
T&W Wines (1992 vintage)

It was certainly interesting to taste this 1992 Vernay sweet wine. We tasted it before dinner as an aperitif, slightly chilled (we hate too much cooling because it tends to mask interesting and subtler tastes). This wine has a lovely light honey colour and is clear and enticing to look at. It smelt of honey and sweetness although initially a seafood aroma suggested some sulphur coming off the wine. The taste was a strong sweetness with some intial acidity - marmalade and honey. It did not have the length some of us expected and we felt it didn't attain the complexity of late harvest Condrieu's we have tasted. But it was a landmark tasting - the oldest Condrieu we have tasted to date and great for a summer evening.
'Enjoying Viognier' (1992 vintage)