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Viognier, Bellefontaine
Appellation:Vin de Pays d'Oc
Producer:Paul Boutinot (click on the name for more details)
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Year Retailer Size Price Minimum Order  
2003 Fine Wines Direct 75cl 4.95 Mixed case of 12 bottles Order Online
2002 Midhurst Wine Shippers 75cl 4.52 Mixed case of 12 bottles Order Online
2001 Amey's Wines 75cl 4.65 Bottle  
2000 The Bristol Wine Company 75cl 4.00 Bottle  
2000 Corks of Cotham 75cl 4.49 Bottle  
2000 Martinez Wines 75cl 4.49 Bottle  
Tasting Notes / Comments:A light floral bouquet. Off dry with rich apricot and candied fruit on the palate. Soft and rounded with a clean, fresh finish.
Corks of Cotham (2000 vintage)

You won't get peaches and cream screaming out of the glass with your standard egg chardonnay like you will with this wicked viognier. And you'll find plenty of ripe flavours to match, making for a great all round entertaining wine. Whip this open when you've friends round and the cheese board is singing and you'll be quids in. About five in this case. Don't stall.
Virgin Wines (2000 vintage)

This is the goody in the pack with a strong yellow colour. Melon is strong on the nose and less oak. So a nice nose that does deliver in the mouth. A pleasantly petit wine smooth, subtle and simply pleasant. You would probably get well into a second bottle before realising it!
'Enjoying Viognier' (2000 vintage)