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la Bonnette

Appellation:Appellation Condrieu Controlee
Producer:Rene Rostaing (click on the name for more details)
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Year Retailer Size Price Minimum Order  
2000 A&B Vintners Ltd 75cl £28.33 Case of 12 bottles Order Online
2000 Seckford Wines 75cl £25.85 Case of 12 bottles  
2000 John Armit Wines 75cl £22.50 Case of 12 bottles  
1999 Raeburn Fine Wines 75cl £28.99 Bottle  
1999 Noel Young Wines 75cl £24.99 Bottle  
1997 Justerini & Brooks 75cl £25.00 Bottle (5% Case Discount)  
Tasting Notes / Comments:This is very fine. René makes one of the few Condrieus that lasts & this can actually improve with a year or so in bottle; a bottle of his ’95 drunk recently was marvellous..
A&B Vintners Ltd (2000 vintage)