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E Guigal Condrieu
Appellation:Appellation Condrieu Controlee
Producer:E Guigal (click on the name for more details)
Recommended by:Very delicious if not entirely typical of the breed ...
Superplonk 2002 (1998 vintage)
Price (per bottle incl VAT):
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Year Retailer Size Price Minimum Order  
2002 Majestic Wine Warehouse 75cl £19.99 Mixed case of 12 bottles Order Online
2000/01 Tesco Supermarkets 75cl £21.99 Bottle Order Online
2000 Chateauonline 75cl £16.99 Case of 3 bottles Order Online
2000 Unwins Wine Merchants 75cl £22.49 Bottle  
2000 The Bristol Wine Company 75cl £23.00 Bottle  
1998 Sainsbury's 75cl £19.99 Bottle  
1997 Averys 75cl £23.50 Bottle (Only from Fine Wine Cellars)  
1996 Croque-en-Bouche 75cl £24.00 Mixed case of 12 bottles  
1995 W M Addison 75cl £19.35 Case of 12 bottles  
Tasting Notes / Comments:Herbaceous, nose with hints of fennel, mint evolves into a palate of some richness and viscosity. Showing grass, custard, citrus fruits and vanilla bean. Has a nice lingering finish, although a touch on the alcoholic side.
Virginia Wine Guide (2001 vintage)

Guigal is one of the greatest names in the Rhône valley, particularly sought after by the world's wine lovers and praised to the skies by the world's wine press. Condrieu is a wine lover's secret : produced in tiny quantities from the Viognier grape, this is a scented, concentrated thrilling white.
Chateauonline (2000 vintage)

This representative of the mother and father of Viogniers reveals real character living up to its heritage. Subtleness and balance on the nose and in the mouth. An addictive smell, great apricots and an exquisite length and aftertaste.
'Enjoying Viognier' (2000 vintage)