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Cheze Coteaux de Breze Condrieu
Appellation:Appellation Condrieu Controlee
Producer:Domaine Louis Cheze (click on the name for more details)
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Year Retailer Size Price Minimum Order  
2001 Karin Vintners 75cl 24.57 Bottle Order Online
2000 75cl 27.86 Case of 12 bottles Order Online
1999 Harrods 75cl 26.95 Bottle  
Tasting Notes / Comments:A delicate, complex white Rhone from this tiny vineyard area. Dry with a floral scent and hints of tropical fruits.
Karin Vintners (2001 vintage)

Condrieu is another Rhone appellation that doesn't always bring home the bacon, as it should. This Viognier from Louis Cheze, on the other hand, not only brings it home, but with an apple in its mouth to boot. Apricots in a bottle of seduction. 'For such an expressive wine, it shows uncommon delicacy.' (Wine Spectator). Drinking Now-2001 (1994 vintage)