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Domaine Fontenelles
Appellation:Vin de Pays D'Oc
Producer:Les Vignerons des Trois Terroirs (click on the name for more details)
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Year Retailer Size Price Minimum Order  
2002 75cl 6.95 Case of 12 bottles Order Online
2002 Karin Vintners 75cl 7.63 Bottle Order Online
1998 Wrightson & Co 75cl 5.12 Mixed case of 12 bottles Order Online
Tasting Notes / Comments:The Viognier grape is usually found in the Northern Rhone, but in the Languedoc it produces a deliciously honeyed, wine with soft, peachy flavours. Perfect as an aperitif, or with rich poultry dishes. A delicious and unusual wine - excellent value. (1999 vintage)