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Domaine Georges Vernay, Les Terrasses de l'Empire
Appellation:Appellation Condrieu Controlee
Producer:Domaine Georges Vernay (click on the name for more details)
Winemaker: Click here for winemakers notes
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Year Retailer Size Price Minimum Order  
2002 75cl £33.47 Case of 12 bottles Order Online
2000 Harrods 75cl £34.50 Bottle  
2000 Fortnum & Mason 75cl £33.50 Bottle Order Online
2000 75cl £19.38 Bottle (£9.26 mimimum delivery per order) Order Online
1999 Averys 75cl £25.55 Bottle  
Tasting Notes / Comments:All wine lovers should make the pilgrimage to Condrieu at least once in their life to pay homage to Georges Vernay. Thanks to this man the world has become acquainted with Viognier, that most exotic of grape varieties and currently one of the trendiest names in the world of wine. Vernay dedicated his small holding on the famous hill of Vernon to this grape and is now reaping the benefits of that wise decision. Viognier features here in this fine Terrasses de l’Empire 2000 vintage, a heady Condrieu with fragrant apricot, mignonette, forsythia and burnt cream flavours. The wine is rich and full-flavoured, magnificently showcasing the talents of maison Vernay. Thanks Georges. (2000 vintage)

Grown on exceptionally steep hillsides on granitic soils, this is a lovely example of a fresh, unoaked style, characterised by peach and apricot flavours.
Averys (1999 vintage)

Clear, pale, crisp, attractive golden colour
Complex rich fruity nose, not overwhelming- still young. Pineapple and tarragon
Delicate spring days in the orchard taste with peaches and pears. Slightly waxy. Good balance and longer aftertaste, A sedate wine with more life in it.
Good to drink on its own
'Enjoying Viognier' (1999 vintage)