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Santa Julia Reserva
Producer:Bodega La Agricola (click on the name for more details)
Awards:2001 Vintage: International Wine Challenge 2002 Bronze
2000 Vintage: International Wine Challenge 2001 Bronze
Recommended by:It has a stunning feel in the mouth ... ... A wine for dinner party fare but not for dinner party bores.
Superplonk 2002 (2000 vintage)

There is some serious depth and richness in this Viognier.... ..... body and texture of this reserve wine are particularly noteworthy.... .... Clever stuff, and great value.
The Wine List 2002 (2000 vintage)
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Tasting Notes / Comments:Pale yellow, clear wine which holds well to the glass
Strong creamy nose with sharpness and a slight burnt smell. Strong at a distance but weaker close up. Some fruits and some said nettleish
High acidity, tart taste. Unripe apricots. Slighty rubbery aftertaste
'Enjoying Viognier' (2000 vintage)