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Domaine Saint-Hilaire
Appellation:Vin de Pays D'Oc
Producer:A N Hardy (click on the name for more details)
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Year Retailer Size Price Minimum Order  
2000 Great Western Wine 75cl 6.99 Bottle  
1999 Wine Alive 75cl 6.99 Mixed case of 6 bottles Order Online
Tasting Notes / Comments:A wine with a strong straw colour, with a hint of honey, melons and fresh grass. It has a slight effervescence on the tongue. It has a very luscious taste, the honey sweetness coming through with melons and a slight bitter edge. Yes and there is some oakiness as well. It is lasting in the mouth and overall, quite intense. All-in-all a little bit more than the average Languedoc Viognier but then perhaps the name of Hardys the large Australian producer in the small print on the bottle may explain this. If this is the case the influence of the Australians in France is certainly being felt.
'Enjoying Viognier' (2000 vintage)