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De Martino Viognier, Colchugua Valley 2000

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We tasted the 2000 Viognier from the Chilean wines makers De Martino a couple of months ago. It was recommended by Rachel who runs ‘Corks of Cotham’ in Bristol. It had an immediate impact, making us sit up and take notice. Mmmm, now that’s really nice ……… and it’s from Chile. We bought more bottles!

The growing of Viognier grapes in Chile is a recent phenomenon. Although the Maipo Valley, close to the capital Santiago, is often described as the birthplace of serious wine growing in Chile, its hot climate lends itself most naturally to red grape varieties. although grapes have been grown here for about 500 years when Spanish missionaries planted the Mission grape for making of communion wine, Viognier cultivation is in its infancy and it is hard to gather information about the quantities grown or the wineries beginning wine production. Perhaps someone who knows more than we do, will read this page and enlighten us …………….

The De Martino Viognier is produced on the 300 hectare Santa Inés vineyard in the Isla de Maipo in the Maipo valley, located 30 miles south-west of Santiago and the same distance from the Pacific Ocean. The wine growing is on a consolidated plot that has been worked by the De Martino family for three generations. It was founded by Pietro over 60 years ago and is now owned by Famiglia De Martino. They are an Italian family with a commitment to producing quality wines, who came to Chile in search of quality soil for their vines. The winery has stainless steel tanks and uses oak barrels from Seguin Moreau and Radoux (France) and World Cooperage (U.S.A.).

The 2000 vintage has a long finish so the effect of the wonderfully strong apricot aroma and the chewy balanced tastes of spicy fruits – apricots and peaches to some and nectarines to others – lasts well after the final swallow. This is a rich wine that will have you wanting to go back for more ….. and more.

If you want a bottle it will cost you somewhere between £7.50 and £8.50 but you can get it cheaper by the case (try at £7.00 per bottle if you buy a case of 12). Other retailers are Corks of Cotham, The World of Wine and Arthurs

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