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Comparing Condrieu plus …….Two mighty Condrieu and a Aussie Late Harvest .....
Home of a Thousand WinesA second visit to the Languedoc
Bibendum's ViogniersQuality across a range of tastes, styles and prices
The Big Match: Australia vs CaliforniaGoing for a New World Viognier? Renwood from California and Pikes from Clare Valley Australia compared ..
French Viogniers for 'Under a Fiver'Finding a cheap wine used to be a favourite British pastime …… how does that work with Viognier.
Bottoms Up / Wine Rack's ViogniersNew and Old World on the High Street
Fairview Viognier 2001Southern Rising Star
Five Californian ViogniersDream Wine in the Dream State
Les Vins de Vienne – Yves Cuilleron, Pierre Gaillard & François VillardWhat happens when 3 wine stars come together ..
De Martino Viognier, Colchugua Valley 2000Ssshhh. Something really nice from Chile.
Majestic Wine Warehouses' ViogniersA walk through the Viognier experience
Oxford Landing Limited Release Viognier 2000This is the much talked about, affordable Australian Viognier and reflects the best of Australian pedigrees.
Domaine Gramenon, 'Vie on y est ...' 1998Calais on a wet January afternoon with three hours to kill ....