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Viognier, Domaine La Chevaliere
Appellation:Vin de Pays D'Oc
Producer:Laroche (click on the name for more details)
Winemaker:Yves Barry
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Year Retailer Size Price Minimum Order  
2001 Corks of Cotham 75cl £6.99 Bottle  
2001 Bibendum 75cl £4.99 Case of 6 bottles Order Online
2001 Veritas Wines 75cl £5.99 Bottle  
Tasting Notes / Comments:

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Well known for his Chablis … how does he fair with this temperamental grape? A light yellow wine with classical nose and taste (according to some). It has a fresh, sharp start but not ‘in your face’. The honey comes across gradually as does the oak and you end up with a pleasant to drink Viognier.
'Enjoying Viognier' (2001 vintage)

A delightful wine with an appealing spicy, floral and peachy nose. It is rich and ripe in the mouth, yet has subtle apricot notes overlaid with a touch of spice and delicate oaky nuances. Serve well chilled around 10-12C.
Bibendum (1999 vintage)