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Country Region Wine Name Producer Price
Argentina Mendoza Trivento Viognier Vina Patagonia S.A. £4.28 - £4.99
Chile Rapel Valley Cono Sur Vina Cono Sur S.A. £4.99
France Languedoc-Roussillon Les Fontanelles G. F. A. Talieu £4.99
France Languedoc-Roussillon Domaine Gérard Bertrand Viognier Domaine Gérard Bertrand £4.98 - £6.49
Argentina San Juan Finca Las Moras Viognier Finca Las Moras £4.99 - £5.79
France Languedoc-Roussillon Domaine de Raissac Les Cres Les Domaines Viennet £5.49
Australia South Australia - Barossa Y Series Viognier Yalumba £5.97 - £6.99
USA California - Mendocino & Lake Fetzer Vineyards Echo Ridge Viognier Fetzer Vineyards £6.64 - £8.49
USA California - Central Coast Foxen Rothberg Vineyard Viognier Foxen Vineyard £15.99
France Condrieu E Guigal Condrieu E Guigal £16.99 - £24.00
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