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Tastes & qualities<<             

 Here's a guide to some of the flavours and aromas associated with the various Viogniers:



ripe apricots
dried apricots

Autumn and springtime in one glass

Breeze blown perfume of springtime orchard flowers

Candied peel Cream Crème Fraiche Guava Hay(mown) Honey suckle
Jasmine Kiwi Lime Lychees Mango May blossom
Mint Oak (light)
Oak (heavy)
Wood (sweet)
Orange blossom Pears, musky / ripe / William Perfumed Pineapple
Primroses Roses Smoke Spicy flower perfumes Tangerine Toast
Tobacco Vanilla Violet


Soft yet strong

Full bodied / full in the mouth

Thick and viscous

Coated with a richness, like double cream about to turn sour
Delicate Ethereal Golden Tastes like no other in France
Powerful Waxy-oily Low in acidity

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