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From the edge of extinction      >>

In 1965 only a miserable eight hectares of Viognier (pronounced Vee-on-yay) grape existed in its Northern Rhône homeland appellation of Condrieu.

Amazing, since some believe the grape had grown here for at least 2000 years, possibly transported to the Rhône from its birthplace in Dalmatia by the Romans.

Since 1965 the grape and its wine has increased in popularity and in its price, which has risen to 'serious drinker' level.

At first the increase in planting was gradual with only 20 hectares recorded in 1986, 40 hectares in 1990, 80 hectares in 1995, but climbing to 108 hectares in 2000. But even today this is just over half of the 200 hectares permitted for cultivation. .... click here for more

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