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Viognier News

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07 Oct 2004Gold and clean Oz sweep for Yalumba
29 Jan 2004Viognier is a cousin of Nebbiolo
19 Oct 2003400 Viogniers!
20 Sep 2003Food Match
20 Aug 2003Wine Club Temptations
23 May 2003Wine Magazine’s Optimistic Verdict
18 May 2003Come on Virginia - share the goodies !!
22 Jan 2003Twenty Two Varieties, One Vision - 11th Hospice du Rhône is announced
17 Dec 2002Make your own Viognier
09 Nov 20023 Viogniers in Decanters Top Wines
23 Oct 2002Tainted Viognier
16 Oct 2002Viognier Master Class hits London
18 Sep 2002Its Hip, Its Happening...It's Over Here!
13 Sep 2002Australia’s First Viognier Symposium a Great Success
05 Sep 2002New organic Viognier from a historic vineyard
26 Apr 2002Don’t Miss the Bargain
26 Apr 2002Good Recommendations
26 Apr 2002Old vs. New World Viogniers
26 Apr 2002Wine Magazine's Pick of the Month
10 Mar 2002Blown away in Calais
08 Feb 2002Decanter team recommend two Viogniers
24 Jan 2002An Interesting Match
16 Jan 2002Viognier feature on
11 Jan 2002The Hospice du Rhône announce tenth annual celebration of Rhône wines.
08 Dec 2001First Australian Viognier Symposium in August 2002
07 Dec 2001New Viognier site is launched

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